Entrway Renovation and Easy DIY Shutters

Hi Friends! Today we are sharing an entryway renovation and easy DIY shutters. I love decorating my entrway. It’s the first impression of my home to anyone that comes to visit us. I love having a warm and inviting place to great my guests.

First off here is the before:

My entrway has been through so many different decor phases! I have loved each one for different reasons. This picture was taken just a couple months ago.

We have been working on a few different projects throughout our home. One that I have been wanting for a very long time was shiplap in my entrway. Regular tongue and groove shiplap can cost so much. We used 1/4″ plywood cut into 6″ strips. And then painted in Polar Bear Behr paint.

It’s amazing how just a little bit of shiplap changes the whole feel of a room. Here’s the after picture one more time:

I love my shutters in my entrway! These were the easiest DIY ever! I had a bi-fold doors kicking around my home that I really didn’t have room for. I unhinged the door and cut each section in half. I painted the tops with charcoal black Rust-Oleum chalk spray paint. It was so easy and dried beautifully. Then I distressed then a little and hung my cotton wreaths. I used the bottom of the doors as decor in my little girl’s nursery.

I painted them white and added hooks for wreaths. Four good sized pieces of decor from one door!

Thanks for reading along! Have a wonderful day. ❤️


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