Thrift Challenge Blog Hop- My Roadside Find!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a thrift store challenge blog hop with you. I’m so happy to be joining four awesome ladies who are very dear friends on this challenge. We are sharing a thrift store purchase that we revamped to decorate in our homes. The challenge was to spend no more than $10 on a thrift store, yard sale or trashed item and work our magic to make it worthy to display in our homes. 🌿

Be sure to make the rounds and check out my friend’s challenge projects too! It will be fun to have you visit all our blogs. If you are not following us, follow…we have some inspiration that you won’t want to miss! 😊

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The expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is spot on for me on this challenge. One day I was driving around with my mom, when all of the sudden she yells “turn around!” There was the cutest black metal crib frame just laying by the side of the road. I have been looking for a crib frame to make a photo board for quite some time. I turned my car right around to go get it. It was in a pretty busy street, but I was bound and determined to snatch it up. It was pretty banged up, bent, and covered in gum. But with a little elbow grease and love it has completely transformed into a piece that I will forever love in my home. ❤️



After I got it all cleaned up I used some fall decor that I had laying around the house to spruce it up. I did buy a pack of small laundry pins to attach my pictures for $3.

This was such a fun challenge! I’m so excited to change out this photo board for each season and holiday. Decorating with photos of those that I love is my favorite!

I’m so glad that you stopped by to see my thrift store challenge project. Thank you for your support and interest. Be sure to stop by my friend’s blogs to check out their projects.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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Entrway Renovation and Easy DIY Shutters

Hi Friends! Today we are sharing an entryway renovation and easy DIY shutters. I love decorating my entrway. It’s the first impression of my home to anyone that comes to visit us. I love having a warm and inviting place to great my guests.

First off here is the before:

My entrway has been through so many different decor phases! I have loved each one for different reasons. This picture was taken just a couple months ago.

We have been working on a few different projects throughout our home. One that I have been wanting for a very long time was shiplap in my entrway. Regular tongue and groove shiplap can cost so much. We used 1/4″ plywood cut into 6″ strips. And then painted in Polar Bear Behr paint.

It’s amazing how just a little bit of shiplap changes the whole feel of a room. Here’s the after picture one more time:

I love my shutters in my entrway! These were the easiest DIY ever! I had a bi-fold doors kicking around my home that I really didn’t have room for. I unhinged the door and cut each section in half. I painted the tops with charcoal black Rust-Oleum chalk spray paint. It was so easy and dried beautifully. Then I distressed then a little and hung my cotton wreaths. I used the bottom of the doors as decor in my little girl’s nursery.

I painted them white and added hooks for wreaths. Four good sized pieces of decor from one door!

Thanks for reading along! Have a wonderful day. ❤️